About PlanPhilly

PlanPhilly is a project of WHYY News providing in-depth, original reporting on Philadelphia's neighborhoods with a focus on urban design and planning, transportation, and development.  Listen to our stories on WHYY 90.9 FM in Philadelphia and read them online.

PlanPhilly was created in 2006 as a project of PennPraxis, and was incubated and supported by PennDesign and PennPraxis until March 2015. 

Who supports PlanPhilly?

PlanPhilly is made possible thanks to support from readers like you. PlanPhilly also receives grant support from the Wyncote Foundation, Connelly Foundation, Thomas Skelton Harrison Foundation, and Knight Foundation. Make a contribution that helps fuel the PlanPhilly community here

Independent, non-partisan and community-based.

These core values motivate us to support informed public discourse and awareness, and drive our reporting. Financial supporters do not influence our reporting.

Who reads PlanPhilly?

PlanPhilly is an indispensable resource for residents and decisionmakers in our region. More than 530,000 people visited PlanPhilly in 2017, generating nearly 2 million pageviews. Hundreds of thousands more heard our stories on WHYY news radio. 

Who is on PlanPhilly's Advisory Board?

In October 2015, PlanPhilly reconstituted its advisory board. As of November 2017 these are the members of that board:

Kiki Bolender (Bolender Architects; Healthy Rowhouse Project), Brad Boone (JLL), Robert Cheetham (Azavea), Joanne Dahme (Philadelphia Water), Julie Donofrio (PennPraxis), John Gattuso (Liberty Property Trust), Michael Greenle, Nancy Goldenberg, Patrick Grossi (Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia), Prema Gupta (The Navy Yard), Greg Krykewycz (Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commisison), Beth McConnell (Philadelphia Association of CDCs), Beth Miller (Community Design Collaborative), Matt Ruben (Northern Liberties Neighbors Association; Central Delaware Advocacy Group), Rolando Sanchez (Impact Services Corporation), Craig Schelter (Developement Workshop), Sarah Clark Stuart (Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia), Mary Tracy (Scenic America / Scenic Philadelphia), and Robert Zuritsky (Parkway Corp.)

Ashley Hahn, Board Chair Emeritus.

Can I participate in PlanPhilly?

Through Eyes on the Street we seek to connect PlanPhilly's journalism with the experience of living in the city.  It’s a place to connect with and learn from one another in an ongoing dialogue about Philadelphia’s future. Want to jump in? Here’s how.

How do I support PlanPhilly?

Show your support making a contribution to PlanPhilly's 2018 fundraising campaign! Your tax-deductible donation helps support our public-interest journalism. Contact Diana Lu Save

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