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    • PWD plan

A new course: From tunnels to trees

Oct. 1 Previous PlanPhilly coverage: Stormwater infrastructure; How we manage our stormwater By Arrus FarmerFor PlanPhilly Howard Neukrug, the Philadelphia Water Department’s Director of the Office of Watersheds, gave…

    • The R1 Line SEPTA advertisement promoting the service

Putting PHL's best face forward

Part 2 of a seriesA closer look at the infrastructure of Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) earlier this month highlighted the value of continued and thoughtful planning to help cut flight…

    • Imagining a better way to fly

Imagining a better way to fly

Existing conditions at PHLSept. 1 Part 1 of two parts By Arrus FarmerFor PlanPhillyOn both local and national fronts the ongoing infrastructure discussion has focused on road and…

    • PlanPhilly Postcard on a Berlin airport

Postcard from Tempelhof

Photo: Berliner Morgenpost Aug. 26 By Arrus FarmerFor PlanPhilly The future of the Tempelhof Airport in Berlin has been one of the most hotly contested urban development issues facing that…

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