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    • The SS United States: Until the first blows fall

The SS United States: Until the first blows fall

How best to describe the SS United States? Take the Chrysler Building, install engines powerful enough to drive an aircraft carrier, and outfit the inside with furnishings fit for John…

    • Bow shot taken from Pier 82. Copyright photo: Steven B. Ujifusa for the SS United States Conservancy

Kicking off the Year in Review. Our tarnished jewel on the Delaware

Last summer, I phoned my grandmother Judy from the decks of the SS United States.  It was July 1, 2010, the happy day when Gerry Lenfest’s grant to the SS United…

    • A big step for the Big U

A big step for the Big U

This afternoon, at a reception at the South Philadelphia IKEA cafe, the ocean liner SS United States became the property of the SS United States Conservancy. According to the terms of…

    • Varenhorst plan for SS United States

Deal for SS United States faces deadline

The SS United States Conservancy, beneficiaries of a $5.8 million pledge from philanthropist H.F. “Gerry” Lenfest, is in the home stretch of securing title to the 990-foot-long ocean liner.Last spring, the…

    • Lenfest keeps Big U alive

Lenfest keeps Big U alive

On July 2, 1952, thousands of people lined the Hudson River to watch the brand-new SS United States pull away from her pier and glide majestically out to sea. Bands played…

    • Track between 30th Street Station and Suburban Station

From our Reprise Collection: Making the Center City commuter connection

Editor's note: With the Center City Commuter Connection turning 30 tomorrow, PlanPhilly thought it would be appropriate to look back at a seminal piece of explanatory journalism that examined what it…

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