At Eyes on the Street we seek to connect PlanPhilly's process and policy coverage with the experience of living in the city. This is a place where people who care about planning and development in Philadelphia can share their observations, inspirations, and questions. It’s a place to connect with and learn from one another in an ongoing dialogue about Philadelphia’s future.

For Eyes on the Street to thrive, the conversations here have to be real and your participation is key. Want to jump in? Here’s how:


Expertise comes in many forms, and Eyes on the Street values the role of many voices in shaping the news. This blog is a place for your voice to be heard. 

Eyes on the Street is a place to examine planning and design issues from a variety of angles. If you are someone who works to shape this city’s built-environment – as a design professional, developer, advocate, public employee, or volunteer – you can be a Community Contributor for Eyes on the Street.

Community Contributors write guest posts offering their insights, informed opinions, and thoughtful commentary about planning issues in Philadelphia. Think of these submissions like a newspaper op-ed or column: a short, to-the-point piece about a specific issue that you’re working on or thinking about, intended to shape the conversation.

Remember: Reasonable people can disagree. Keep it professional, respectful, and fair.


What does your Philadelphia look like? Eyes on the Street is collecting and featuring images of the diverse places and faces that make up this wonderful city. By sharing your photos, you just might see them on the blog.

How to submit photos:

  1. Sign up for an account at Flickr. You can sign in with a Yahoo, Google or Facebook account.
  2. Join the Eyes on the Street Flickr Group.
  3. Add your Philadelphia photos to our group.

Photo Submission Tips:

  • Add Titles and Captions. Give each image a title – ideally something short and specific, like “Kids in Swann Fountain.” For captions, be as descriptive as possible. Who is in the picture? Where and when was the picture taken? What’s happening? Please use your full name to get proper credit.
  • Use Tags.  Tags are keywords or labels that will help organize photos. Use tags that are short and accurate, such as “Delaware River” or “Mummers” or “water ice.” If you want to be a superstar, you can also“geotag” your pictures. This tells us exactly where the image was taken.
  • Share. As a member of Eyes on the Street Flickr group, you can click “send to group” and share your photos with us.

Photo Submission Fine Print:

By submitting your photo(s) to us, you are agreeing that content is original and in no way infringes on any copyright or trademark. You also agree that it is not plagiarized, libelous, slanderous, misleading, or violates anyone’s rights. Please disclose any conflict of interest you may have in the subject matter.

By submitting your photo(s), you are also consenting to the use of your submission(s) without restriction on,, and related media. There is no compensation, but in exchange for the use of your images, any photos published will be credited to the photographer and will link back to their Flickr page.

Photos, comments, and forum posts on Flickr will be moderated, but will be posted as long as they are relevant and are not abusive.


All over the city individuals are doing their part to take care their neighborhoods, blocks, properties, and each other. Good work does not have to go unnoticed. Who is making your corner of Philadelphia better? Let us know so we can highlight these efforts. Is there a leader, organization, or program that you think is improving Philadelphia’s built environment? Point us their way.

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