South of South Neighborhood Association Zoning Meeting


1. 1627 Kater Street - (Re-presentation): For the erection of a third and fourth story addition with roof deck over the third story rear, accessed from the fourth story rear (no roof deck access structure), in an existing two (2) story single family household living.

2. 2539 Grays Ferry: For the complete demolition of the existing structure on the lot and the erection of an attached structure with cellar (maximum height not to exceed 38 feet). Roof deck with roof access structure and deck at 2nd and third floor rear and recess balcony at 2nd and 3rd floor near Carpenter Street side.  Uses for a food beverages and groceries store on first floor and above household living - two (2) family dwelling units.

3. 2623 Christian Street: For the erection of two (2) semi-detached structures (building #1 and building #2).  The proposed condition creates the multiple principal building on the lot. The project contains a green roof (covering minimum of 60% of each roof on each building) and proposes multi-family household living (15 dwelling units) with three (3) bicycle spaces in an accessible route size.

Neighborhoods: Southwest Center City

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