Project Information Form Seminar

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What's the Project Information Form ordinance?

  • On June 6, 2017, Mayor Kenney signed Ordinance 170335-A which creates a powerful new community engagement tool around real estate development. 

  • This ordinance, drafted by JustLaws on behalf of Councilwoman Cherelle Parker, requires developers to complete a Project Information Form to reveal how development projects will affect the surrounding community.

  • The City of Philadelphia began to require project information forms for virtually every development project that requires Zoning Board or City Council approval starting in late April 2018.

What will you learn by taking the Project Information Form Seminar?

  • You'll understand how the new Project Information Form ordinance works from the bill's principal drafter, Steve Masters, and the Philadelphia City Planning Commission's Development Planning Division.

  • You'll get tips for how your business can use Project Information Forms to build political and community support.

  • You'll learn how to use the Project Information Form as the centerpiece of an effective community engagement strategy

Tell me more about JustLaws and the seminar presenters:

  • JustLaws is an innovative social impact law firm in Philadelphia combining traditional legal services with strategic consulting around political and community engagement.
  • Prior to starting JustLaws in 2012, where he concentrates on zoning and political law, Steve Masters served as Council President Anna Verna's zoning lawyer for over ten years, helping developers and concerned community groups settle their differences and reach community benefits agreements that stood the test of time. When negotiated solutions weren't possible, Steve turned to the courts to win decisive legal victories for his clients. 

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