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Allegheny West

    • Psychylustro's orange and white pops over Glenwood Green Acres

Wild strokes and wildflowers color the Northeast Corridor through Philly

Glenwood Green Acres is a 30-year old community garden at North 18th and Glenwood Avenue, a 4-acre green oasis on the site of a former factory that burned down. The garden…

    • Skyline from Belmont Plateau | Gary Reed, EOTS Flickr Group

Back to the future to renew Fairmount Park

Fairmount Park is like Philadelphia itself: A legacy asset with unrealized potential. We are the lucky beneficiaries of the prescient 19th century Philadelphians who protected great green lungs astride the Schuylkill…

    • The 23rd and Venango Bus Loop will double as a gateway for the local community

SEPTA's savings make 23rd & Venango makeover possible

Crafty financing and shrewd management allowed SEPTA to break ground on the reconstruction of the 23rd and Venango Bus Loop yesterday. The $1.4 million project is being done with federal funds…



Allegheny West, once called “Swampoodle," is a neighborhood in Upper North Philadelphia. The neighborhood spans from Ridge Avenue to 17th Street and from Lehigh Avenue to Westmoreland Street. The neighborhood's name, "Swampoodle," means a junction of three railroads, however historians have been unable to locate where these three railroads might be. The area was largely associated with shopping and retail opportunities throughout the 19th to mid 20th centuries. Many shops and businesses were forced to close their doors due to strip malls and other cheaper shopping centers opening up all over the city. The area has also seen a decrease in industrial business that has caused an increase in unemployment. Today the area is rebounding slowly but surely, thanks to their central location and close-knit community. The area also has a vibrant and prosperous shopping "corridor” located along 22nd street.


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