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    •  Larry Magid at Electric Company book signing / courtesy TemplePress

Local concert legend Larry Magid would oversee entertainment at proposed Provence casino

If Tower Entertainment gets Philadelphia's remaining casino license, the proposed Provence casino's entertainment offerings would be managed by Philadelphia music mogul Larry Magid. “He's going to oversee the nightlife productions of…

    • The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

Some - including a SugarHouse consultant - say no to proposed casinos

Two representatives of South Philadelphia community groups urged the Pennsylvania State Gaming Control Board not to award a casino license to any of the three applicants who would build near the…

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Right NEast/Wrong NEast: NBC10 helps Feltonville make a comeback

Welcome back, Feltonville. It's been a long time since we've seen you be associated with Northeast Philadelphia, but we knew it wouldn't be the last. Back in March, police found a…



Feltonville, originally called Wyoming Valley, is a neighborhood in North Philadelphia. The neighborhood is west of the Tacony Creek, south of Olney, northeast of Hunting Park, and west of Frankford. In the 1890’s Feltonville was known as “Wyoming Villa” or “Wyoming Valley.” Many landmarks also share the Wyoming name, such as the Wyoming Branch of the Free Library and Wyoming Avenue. The creation of the Wyoming Branch Library began in 1927 when the Philadelphia City Council passed an ordinacnce for the construction of the library. This community library was built with the funds of the well-known Andrew Carnegie and it was officially completed in 1930. Before the urbanization of the neighborhood, residents enjoyed sprawling farmlands, decadent houses and prosperous families like the Felton family, which the community is named after. Feltonville is unique because of its dependence on the industries of the city, rather then its own industrial economy. Feltonville instead was built around the various parks that have been developed in the area, rather then factories or industrial centers. Today the area is a diverse mix of cultures consisting of Arabs, Haitians, Dominicans, Koreans, and various other ethnicities. There is an estimated 27 different languages that are spoken in the neighborhood. Even though the area has seen its fair share of crime and drug abuse, residents and politicians alike continue to fight for the neighborhoods well being. It's cultural diversity continues to flourish.


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