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    • The current Columbia Avenue and a prospective future

Ideas for the Columbia Avenue Connector project

The Columbia Avenue of the future will likely be lined with trees, but just how many specimens remains under discussion.Some neighbors of the Fishtown street are concerned about sacrificing parking…

    • chainlinkGREEn living benches

A must read from Eyes on the Street: Restored Spaces: the Garden vs. the Wasteland

By Ashley HahnFor Eyes on the Street I’ve spent most of this week ruminating on public art, preservation, and urban ecology – from the Autumn mural to Gray Area to…

Star: Turning old Tasty site into retail hub

Star: Turning old Tasty site into retail hub The sign, undoubtedly recognizable to Philadelphians, can still be seen looming high above the Hunting Park Avenue site. But the business that…



Franklinville, named after Benjamin Franklin, is an Upper North Philadelphia neighborhood. The neighborhood was designed in a triangle shape bounded by Sledgley Avenue, North Broad Street and West Hunting Park Avenue. The area was a quiet, child friendly residential neighborhood. In the early 1900's The Samaritan Hospital on the Broad and Ontario Streets played a pivotal role in the development of Northern Philadelphia. The area's close proximity to Fairhill and Nicetown- Tioga have made using the name “Franklinville” obsolete, many residents now refer to the area as either Fairhill or its neighbor Nicetown- Tioga. 


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