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Girard Estates

    • A monument to Stephen Girard stands in front of Gentilhommiere, the country residence where the entrepreneur and philanthropist lived in the early 19th century. | Joel Wolfram

Long-awaited renovations begin as neighbors steer revitalization of historic Girard Estate park

On a Wednesday evening in May, the Friends of Stephen Girard Park gathered for their monthly meeting inside the historic farmhouse that stands improbably in the middle of the South Philadelphia…

    • A lone van parks in a turning lane

Johnson introduces temporary zoning rules for Washington Avenue

Washington Avenue west of Broad Street is in its own world. Its 10 blocks form the northern border of Point Breeze and the southern border of the Graduate Hospital and South…

    • Atlantic Refining Co., June 22, 1926 (Image # 6111) | Aero Service Corp. | Courtesy of Aerial Viewpoint, Spring, TX

From Above: Refining along the Lower Schuylkill, 1926

In honor of the Lower Schuylkill Master Plan’s [pdf] release earlier this month, we head back into the past to look at a section of the Lower Schuylkill from above.…



Girard Estate, named after the richest man in the country at that time, Stephen Girard, is a neighborhood in South Philadelphia. The community stretches from Passyunk Avenue to Oregon Avenue and from Broad Street to 21st Street. Stephen Girard landed in Philadelphia during the Revolutionary War and soon afterward built his ideal home, which he called “Gentilhommiere”. When Girard died in 1831, he left most of his $6 million estate to the city of Philadelphia, and as stated in his will, the city must build a college for poor white boys in his name and must also never sell his house. The city of Philadelphia did not sell the house, but instead rented it out as separate houses until 1950, when the city was given permission to sell all 481 homes within the estate. The community’s rich heritage and historic buildings made it a perfect setting for Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky II, in which Rocky purchases a house on Lambert Street. Today Girard Estate’s close proximity to the hustle and bustle of Center City, as well as its rich heritage, provide a family oriented environment with a unique history.


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Sparks Shot Tower
The Shot Tower was the first of its kind in the nation and only one of five left intact.


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