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    • Historic Building Elevation Survey, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers | Source: PHMC, Jeremy Young

Philadelphia to be first big city with disaster plan to protect historic buildings

In a city whose identity is so closely associated with its historic sites, the effects of climate change and storms like Katrina and Sandy pose nightmare scenarios. What would Philadelphia be…

    • Holmesburg billboard streetview | Google

Henon clearing a path for new digital billboard on Interstate 95.

Philadelphia is finally getting another billboard on Interstate 95. On Thursday, Councilman Bobby Henon introduced a bill that would rezone a small portion of land near Pennypack Creek in Holmesburg from…

    • 2459 Kensington Ave. | Google

Committee authorizes city to buy waterfront land for prison development, sell vacant lot on Kensington Ave.

Note: This article previously stated that the company that owns 7777-R State Road, the proposed site of a future prison facility to replace the House of Corrections in Northeast Philadelphia, purchased…




Holmesburg is a neighborhood in the Far Northeast section of Philadelphia. It is bordered by Holme Avenue to the west, Academy Road to the north, the Delaware River to the east, and Sheffield Avenue to the south. Holmesburg is named for Thomas Holme, William Penn's friend and surveyor, who drew the first map of Philadelphia. Before European settlers were present, Holmesburg was originally home to the Native American Lenape population. Spear tips of the Lenape have been discovered over the years in Holmesburg’s very own Pennypack Park.  Highways that are now cement and asphalt, were originally soft dirt roads used to travel and commute by both Natives and eventually English colonizers. In 1683 Penn was able to purchase from the Indians the land between the Pennypack and Neshaminy Creeks including the land where Holmesburg now stands. Over the next three-hundred years, civilization radically changed the face of this land and in time the ancient woodland trail of the Native American People became the busy urban highway we know as Frankford Avenue. The shallow fall line of Pennypack Creek was a prime transportation route for the Lenape Indians. Europrean settlers transformed the area into a major river commerce route, which led to the development of the historical King’s Highway Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in the nation still in use. Holmesburg is also the location of the historic Pennypack Theater, built in 1929 by acclaimed architect William Harold Lee. Today, Holmesburg is still a flourishing community expecting new renovations and a sports complex in the fall 2011.

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