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Italian Market

    • Merchants have sold fresh food on Ninth Street since the 1880s.

Valets among the fixes proposed for Italian Market parking nightmare

Merchants have sold fresh food on South Ninth Street for more than a hundred years, surviving the Great Depression, multiple recessions and the arrival of families pushing $900 strollers in the…

    • grapple sphilly 1200

Italian Market business improvement district effort revived as 'South Philly Market Improvement District'

A group of South Philadelphia residents fear for the future of the Italian Market and they think that only a business improvement district (BID) can save it — even though a…

    • Midwood proposal at 9th and Washington

Seventy apartments, 150 parking spaces planned for vacant lot at 9th and Washington

On Tuesday night, the owners of a vacant, boarded-off property on 9th Street just south of Washington Ave., in the Italian Market, presented their preliminary plans for a new development there…



The Italian Market is a neighborhood in Central Philadelphia, Llocated on South 9th Street, the market is an open “outdoor” market, which specializes in Italian groceries and other delicacies. The market extends down 9th Street from Wharton to Fitzwater, and is easily accessible by car, public transportation, or on foot. The area was originally placed outside the Philadelphia city limits as an area in which immigrants could settle. By 1884, Italian immigrants began to flock to the area, filling up boarding houses and crowding streets. Shops and grocery stores soon lined 9th Street, offering authentic Italian ingredients and commodities. The same shops that lined 9th street during that time continue to line the street today. However, with new immigrants traveling into Philadelphia, there came new shops offering their own cultural commodities. In 2007, the market was honored by the dedication of a PA State Historical Marker. Today the market is open year round, from 9am to 5pm, and celebrates its cultural diversity on may 15th and 16th with its annual Italian Market Festival, which features music events, cultural food tasting, and other activities. The market has also been a backdrop for numerous movies and television shows including Rocky, Hack, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. 


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