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Juniata Park

    • Brownfields planning in Bridesburg

Bridesburg residents weigh in on brownfields planning

Bridesburg residents gathered at a catering hall Tuesday night to weigh in on the Lower Frankford Creek Watershed Brownfields Area-Wide Plan. The city was awarded a grant from the Environmental…

    • Frankford Creek Greenway, Photo courtesy of Philadelphia City Planning Commission

City seeks input on Frankford Creek Greenway

When the city released the Philadelphia Trail Master Plan this summer, it identified Frankford Creek Greenway, section A, as the second highest priority trail for development. Wasting no time, the Planning…

    • Tacony Creek Trail

Staycation: Tacony Creek Trail

Under the Green City, Clean Waters plan, the Tacony Creek should be clean enough to swim and fish in within the next 25 years. This past spring the city and…



Juniata, also known as Juniata Park, is a neighborhood in the North East section of Philadelphia. The area is bordered by Frankford to the Northeast, Feltonville to the Northwest, Hunting Park to the West and to the South by Kensington and Port Richmond. Prior to its establishment in the 1920’s Juniata was largely farmland, it wasn’t until the mid 1920’s when the first row houses were built along Castor Avenue and Luzerne Street. In the 1960’s and 70’s the neighborhood had tow playgrounds and “green acres” within the neighborhood, which provided the children as well as many adults with a safe area to ride bikes and socialize. Today the area has been developed commercially with many retail and shopping establishments along Kensington, Castor, Hunting Park and Erie Avenues. With an ever growing population of over 13,617 residents, the neighborhood boasts four different educational facilities and four highly regarded churches. 


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