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Oxford Circle

    • Radar Speed Signs on Roosevelt Blvd. northbound approaching Oxford Circle

Roosevelt Boulevard speed cameras represent rare bipartisan win

It’s rare that Philadelphia can go more than just a few days without another person being killed in a car crash. Seventy-eight people died last year, and 96 were killed the…

    • Olney Ave.

Council hears fears of outlying "middle" neighborhoods' decline

On Tuesday afternoon, Councilwoman Cherelle Parker held a marathon hearing on “Middle Neighborhoods,” the kind of stable, working-to-middle class areas that kept Philadelphia afloat in the worst years of…

    • Map of Roosevelt Boulevard and surrounding area

Mayor Kenney kicks off latest round of Roosevelt Boulevard planning. Will it be the last?

Jim Kenney invited the press to the Mayor’s Reception Room Wednesday afternoon to announce the launch of a 3 year, $5 million “Route for Change” study to make Roosevelt Boulevard a…




Oxford Circle

Oxford Circle, originally Oxford Township, Philadelphia County, is a neighborhood in the lower Northeast section of Philadelphia, PA. Oxford Circle is made up of the intersection of Oxford Avenue, Cheltenham Avenue, Castor Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard. Notable structures and landmarks are Saint Martin of Tours Church and elementary school and Glading Presbyterian Church and hall. Oxford Circle is also the name of the surrounding area made up of the neighborhoods of Summerdale, Tarken, Frankford and Castor Gardens. Physical boundaries are: Roosevelt Blvd on the South and East, Langdon St on the West, and Devereaux St on the North. Oxford Circle was originally an early suburb of Philadelphia with a predominately white, middle class demographic. Its ethnic groups consisted of Jewish and Irish Americans. Over the past decade, the influence of White flight has drastically changed the make up of this neighborhood. Today, Oxford Circle consists of a vast variety of groups such as Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Asians, and African Americans.

Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association


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