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How the Shore Road Tavern became a haven for underground musicians

Robbins Avenue  might be best known for carrying Northeast Philadelphians to the Shore across the Tacony Palmyra Bridge, but it's also home to The Shore Road Tavern. The bar has Kathleen Fiedler's…

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'Eat-in' seeks to win back business for Joe's steak shop

A few months ago, Joseph Groh decided to abandon the name of the 64-year-old Chink's Steaks in Wissinoming. As of March, the steak shop has been known as Joe's Steaks…

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Man arrested for copper theft that led to Wissinoming explosion

Police have arrested a man for stealing copper wires from a home, allegedly resulting in the property's explosion and collapse. The vacant house at 4716 Howell St. in Wissinoming collapsed after…



Wissinoming, deriving from two Native American words, is a neighborhood in North East Philadelphia. The community spans from the Delaware River to Frankford Avenue and from Robbins Avenue to Cheltenham Avenue. The name “Wissinoming” likely comes from the American butchering of two Native American words: “Quissinuminck”, a name for a branch of the Frankford Creek and “Wissachgaman”, a word describing where grapes grow. For the early part of Wissinoming’s history, the area had been long associated with the industrial boom that swept through city of Philadelphia as well as around the nation. Wissinonming was also home to numerous notable families including railroad tycoon Mathias W. Baldwin and the Cornelius family, who were known to throw parties with notable figures such as Abraham Lincoln in attendance. The neighborhood has numerous historical landmarks, one being Wissinoming Park, a large 40-acre park. The park originally belonged to famed photographer Robert Cornelius (first person to photograph a human) who planted numerous trees and raised his family on the land. After Roberts death the park was sold to the city of Philadelphia, who has maintained the park and its vibrant collection of plants. Today the area embraces its historical background however is forced to combat a recent influx in crime and drug abuse. Residents and local officials however remain hopeful that the community will bounce back and continue to support and cherish their community. 


Wissinoming Park Website 

Wissinoming Historical Society 

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